1. Mostly CW
  2. QRP when possible - where are the sun spots?
  3. Some ARES work
  4. I can do digital but don't use it much
  5. Single side band - hardly ever


  1. Yaesu FT-991, nice to have all bands in one radio.
  2. ICOM IC-7300, getting to be my main radio
  3. Elecraft KX2, great QRP radio. Need to get our more on some SOTA missions
  4. Heathkit HW-8, still working
  5. Kenwood TM-V71A, used mainly for ARES packet operation
  6. Btech UV25X4, used to be in my car. But it just does not fit into my new Porsche. My only way to get on 220MHz.
  7. Yeasu FT-60, ARES mobile work
  8. Baofeng BH-F8HP, you can't have enough radios
  9. Baofeng UV-5R, hiding in my ARES go-kit.
  10. ICOM IC-2A, added a tone generator, use it to monitor 2m
  11. ICOM IC-2AT, added a real (external) S-meter and us it for direction finding.
  12. SDR dongle with DireWolf on a Raspberry PI, running an APRS I-gate 24/7
  13. SDR dongle with HF down converter, used on a laptop to check the band conditions


  1. Inverted V fan for 40m, 20m, and shortened for 80m. The 40m one works fine on 15m.
  2. Inverted V fan for 17m, 12m, and 10m.
  3. Tri-band J-pole, 144, 220, 440
  4. 2m J-pole for the APRS I-gate
  5. Mag loop that tunes 30m through 15m


  1. Impedance matching: designs matching circuits for any pair of impedances.
  2. ... too lazy to put things on the web - maybe sometime