Formation Pictures and Videos


B2OSH beginner clinic Visalia, KVIS


Pictures of the October 2022 Visalia formation clinic.

360 deg video Reid Hillview airport day, September 3, 2022

Pictures and videos of the 2022 Memorial Day fly-by

Overhead break to land at KSCK May, 2022

Advanced formation flying clinic at MCC, 2022 video


Pictures and 360 deg video from 2021 beginner clinic, KMCC. 6-ship show pass at the same clinic.

Pine Mountain Lake airport day, 2021 13-ship video

Missing man over Skylawn Funeral Home, 360 degree video


7/4/2020; 20-ship pictures, many

Final stage of the 100 year anniversary of the first airmail, 10/16/2020 5 ship. This is a 360 degree video, best viewed on a portable device.


KMCC 2019 Beginner Clinic pics and vids

Wings of History Museum flyover 2019 video

Memorial day flight 2019 pictures from the back, and from the front

2019 July 4 parade flight (Danville and Fremont) Photos and Video

Pine Mountain Lake Airport Day, Oct 5, 2019 short video, longer video

2019 Visalia formation clinic picture

Formation demonstration for the 99s (2019-10-05) video


KMCC 2018 Beginners clinc video

KMCC 2018 Advanced clinic pics and vids

Reid-Hillview Airport Day 2018 - 5-ship formation flyover video 1, video 2

Missing man over Monterey December 2018 video


2017 advanced clinic, KMCC photos


Large collection of pictures and videos from the 2016 basic clinc KMCC

Rockford 2016, 11-ship showcase

Palo Alto Airport day 2016, 6-ship picture (many)

9 ship formation over Porterville, part of the 2016 Visalia clinic

Visalia 2016 clinic Photo collection lots of them

2015 and older

KMCC Clinic 2015 pictures

2014 Advanced Clinic at KMCC. 13-ship video

Sacramento Republic FC fly-by (2014)

Mixed 4-ship: Debonair, V-tail, Cessna, Cirrus video (2014)

E16 open house 5/19/2012 video by Don Von Raesfeld

2012 memorial fly-by for Martin Hollmann video

2012 KMCC clinic video Flying with the Beech Boys (Andrew Butler)

Palo Alto airport day, 2011 video

SJSU Aviation Graduation Ceremony 2011 fly-by

10-ship over Livermore, 2010 shakey video

Palo Alto Airport Day 2010 pictures

Bonanzas to Oshkosh, 2009 video

RVs performing at OSH 2009, 37-ship slide show, more pics

4-ship: 2 Grummans, one A36 Bonanza, and one Lancair 320: video (2009)

Photo shoot of 4 Grummans (2009)

8-ship double missing man (2008)

Skytypers Ron Paul ad (2008)

Rejoin with RV video